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Advancements in Video Software & Hardware:

       I'm into exploring new software and hardware. I love to figure it all out.
I admire advancements and I think the newer software coming out these days
is taking video post-production in directions never before seen.

       Itís about time for some healthy competition !
       (Iím not going to mention any names here!)  ;-)

       I believe one of the best features of any software should be user friendliness.
Software should not inhibit the creative flow of an editing session. Great creative
ideas get lost when software programs limit the editor and client due to slow speeds,
excessive commands, or ďbugsĒ.

       I never understood why companies release software that doesnít have all the
bugs ironed out of it in the first place. Seems to me that programmers should make
sure things work perfectly before the public gets their hands on it. But then again,
Iím not in the software business, Iím sure it all comes down to money and politics.
(like everything else)  ;-)

       I also find that over designing software can often be unnecessary.
Extra features just for their own sake don't always make software better.

       I think that computer platforms and operating systems will become increasingly
less important in the future. Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, itís not going to matter much-
no more than it is to drive a Ford or a Chevy.

       The software explosion is upon us and the pace will only get faster.
A good editor needs to be able to adapt very quickly to the rapidness of this evolving
industry. Many people find this to be a ďpain in the drainĒ. Myself included at times........
downtime always hurts.

       The advancements generally outweigh the drawbacks, and if better, cheaper
software makes the job easier and the project look excellent- Iím all for it.

       There has been a deluge in newer non-linear editing systems the last few years.
This has put some major pressure on some of the ďBig BoysĒ of the computerized
video editing industry.

       I find the competition quite impressive, and itís making the industry develope
for the better. Just like it has in audio recording and production.

       Despite the growing pains, This competition will improve things
for both clients and editors in the long run.

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