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   Biography, Resume & Software
 a bit of the Past, Present and Future


The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA
an affiliate of Tufts University


Macintosh Power PC, G3, G4
PC Windows/NT
CMX  (long time ago)
Amiga  (long time ago)

Video Software & Hardware: (the short list)

Avid Media Composer (all models)
Avid MC Express
Adobe Premiere 5.1c w/ Media 100 QX Vincent 601
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro
Amiga (Yes,they are making a comeback!)
Sony & Panasonic video effects switchers and editing systems
Good old fashioned linear editing (a long time ago)

Other Software (for Video and/or Graphics)

Adobe PhotoShop
Adobe Illustrator
StrataVision 3D
Quark Express


Bare Bones Editor
Page Spinner

Audio Software & Hardware:

Logic Audio Gold,
Digital Multi Track Audio Recording & MIDI Programming
Vidvox Prophet
MIDI sequencers by Alesis, Roland, etc
Sound sampling systems by Roland, Akai, etc
Digital & Analog Synthesizers & Drum Machines
SMPTE & MIDI systems for mixing audio sound tracks
for Film & Video.

Cameras, Film & Video:

16 mm camera systems
Super-8 cameras
Betacam video cameras
digital video cameras w/ FireWire
35mm still cameras
Professional darkroom experience in photographic negative developing and color printing


directed over 100 music videos
edited over 400 music videos
edited countless TV commercials
edited independent films
edited countless other productions (too many to mention here)

Wrote, recorded and co-produced 2 albums for Nettwerk/IRS records
numerous 12" dance singles which charted on the Billboard dance charts.
Various soundtracks for TV commercials, Independent Films and other productions.

Cinematography for about 50 music videos.
Videography for countless other productions.

Created/designed 2 multimedia tours which included:
Set design
Audio sound systems
Multi-media video presentation systems


audio sound systems
muti-media video projection systems
Elephant Polo

Wish List:
The Tools I hope to learn in the Future:

Avid Symphony
Avid SoftImage DS
Discreet Flint, Fire, Inferno
FAST Multimedia 601, all models
Media Cleaner Pro
Anything involving broadband distribution of video via the Internet

Hey guys, this list is getting a little long, feel free to email if you want to know anything more specific......

Brian Bothwell Video Works Main


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Extension: 291-299-3109