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      Television Commercials
    Love them or hate them, advertising fuels the financial engine that makes American television run.

    Call me a weirdo, but I am a television commercial freak! I love TV commercials. A number of them are extremely creative and push editing technology to it's limits. I sometimes wonder if they are the only good thing on television these days!

    I create eye candy, and I love telling a story in purely visual terms. 
I like driving myself to be creative about being creative.

    As a video editor, advertising  is my favorite challenge. TV commercials generally run for 30 seconds. Thatís a very short amount of  time to get a relevant, meaningful message across to the television viewer.
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     Iíve always enjoyed fast film cutting. I am very good at it. For the most part, even when a TV commercial seems to move along at a slow speed, it still has a considerable amount of editing in it. I enjoy the challenge of condensing as much information into the shortest amount of time possible. 
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     Good television commercials also contain a very high caliber of cinematography, lighting and effects, all of which I greatly admire. Of course, all of these elements when tied together do not make a great TV spot. It is the concept and the writing that make a good commercial what it is. I love clever concepts and ideas. Another reason I like the advertising world.
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     I enjoy editing commercials because I like people from the advertising community. We speak the same language. When you work in a small editing room, it really helps to enjoy the company of the people you are working with !

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