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Extreme Sports Films and Programming:

 "Dogs of Winter", Sports Films

"Do the White Thing"
"Small Planet Big Winter"
"Do the White Thing"
"Small Planet Big Winter"

     I’ve been editing the “Dogs of Winter”  sports films for awhile now......
In that time director/cameraman extrordinaire Joe Dukeman and I have created 5 amazing, critically acclaimed winter sports films.

     Shot on location in Lake Tahoe California and in the Chugach Mountain Range of Alaska, Dogs of Winter have taken extreme winter sports films to the edge of reality.

    When I first met Joe Dukeman, he was looking for an editor for a new type of winter sports film he was planning to make. He was bored with the average Warren Miller inspired ski films, and wanted to take the form to a higher level of excitement, variety and pace.

     Joe had a vision of a “non-stop, action packed, no BS, winter sports movie”, which featured a rockin soundtrack, great "new school" skiing , snowboarding , telemarking , paragliding , biking , kayaking , skating , rock climbing  and more.

    "The Duke" shot some killer footage and interviews in his winter playground of Squaw Valley California, and wanted to do something just as extreme in the editing room. After screening some of his footage, I was  immediately interested.

    The chemistry was evident from the first night we edited. We had a great time busting phat edits. Cutting The Dogs of Winter sports movies has been a yearly tradition since that time. We’ve  done some outstanding work over the course of editing 5 films....and consistantly broken new ground.

“it goes beyond your typical sports movie. Action videos will never be the same again.....not to be missed”
“Small Planet, Big Winter” -review

“Not just a ski movie, but a 32 minute Rad Sports music video. An out of the ordinary, wild music production.......Greg Stump on speed”.
“HomeFront” -review

   We plan to go back to the editing room sometime during the summer of 2000, and complete Dukeman's sixth film. Temporarily titled “The Slope Show”, it will tie together two full seasons of shooting in Squaw Valley CA and helicopter skiing in Alaska. I'm stoked as always !

   If you would like some more info about The Dogs of Winter sports films feel free to visit The Dogs of Winter website.

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