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Welcome to the  The Digital Video Arts Forum of New York . An informal place to hang your hat with other Digital Video Artists and their clients. This symposium is here to exchange information about jobs, emerging and existing technologies, video and film, software, problem solving , and everything else that fits into the digital video arts domain. This is also a station where potential clients looking for video artists and editors, may seek out that special someone they may need for a job.

Anyone involved in the Digital Video World, is welcome here!

Primary topics of discussion here involve non-linear editing, digital video compositing, graphics and photo manipulation, 2D & 3D animation and the people and software that make it all happen.........
( Or in some cases not happen )

It is however not limited to only these subjects, as digital film making runs a vast and wide path. If you would like to announce a party for an open house, or anything else feel free to do so. If you are unfamiliar with a certain type of software or hardware- feel free to ask about it here and perhaps there is someone here that will help. If you would like to post your resume’ for others to see, go ahead. But be forewarned. This forum is free, do not abuse it!  Absolutely no verbal abuse, spamming or flaming is allowed here.

This cozy little hideaway is a meetinghouse for New York Digital Video artists to hang out, get to know each other, and exchange information of all forms. It is also for people in the industry who require Digital Video Artists for broadcasting in all forms, for web pages or any other means of delivering video content. Information exchange amongst all concerned is the primary mission of this forum. The Digital Video Arts Forum of New York is to bring people in the community together here in Gotham City.
Everybody is Welcome!

 The Digital Video Arts Forum of New York

Brian Bothwell - VideoWorks