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The Future of Video:

I am quite enthusiastic that the future of video will be going through some amazing transformations. Emerging video editing technologies are blurring the lines between general video editing, motion graphics, and 2D and 3D animation. The results of these gains are changing the nature of video editing in and of itself. Newer emerging editing systems and software are making the quality of compressed video look better and better. Trends in video compression for editing systems are also shifting- if any video compression is needed at all.

Concerns for data storage are disappearing as hard drive storage becomes much larger and increasingly less expensive. There have been some fantastic breakthroughs in digital video, HDTV and DVD. Editing software has become better, simpler, and more flexible.

Broadband Internet delivery systems and services will soon emerge, offering real time delivery of broadcast quality high resolution video.
At this point itís anybodyís guess as to whether cable modems, satellite transmission, or fiber optics will be the lifeline delivering this new technology.

It has even been suggested that (with the continueing gains in video compression) perhaps viewers will receive full frame broadcast quality video via an ordinary telephone line. Whatever the delivery medium is, itís a reality that will happen.

What it all means is that everyone will be given the opportunity to deliver and receive full motion video- via the Internet.

This will open up a very wide range of opportunities that will result in an explosion in video production of all kinds :

Record companies will be able to provide their own music video channels.
Extreme sports junkies will be able to launch their own sports channels.
Independent and Digital Filmmakers will have a new medium to screen their work.
Advertisers will have a whole new medium to get their messages across.
Mom and pop companies will be able to provide video content of all kinds.
Clients in New York City offices will be able to edit with their favorite editor working 3000 miles away in a studio in London or Los Angeles, all in realtime.

The possibilities will be limited only by the imagination; everyone will be given the freedom to have their own television station via the Internet, just like they have web pages now.

This will result in a multitude of new creative ideas never before seen. The major networks and cable outfits will be faced with new competition from independent upstarts. AT&T and other telecommunication companies will emerge as major video content providers and will toughen the competition further.

Television will be forced to grow in ways not yet imagined. Television will provide
Internet services and The Internet will provide Television services.

I see exciting times ahead for the future of video editing and post production. Not just in the technology, but also in the way it is produced and delivered.

It is a reality that is going to happen, when it does is just a matter of time.

Brian Bothwell Video Works Main