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        M u s i c  V i d e o
      Music Video is where I cut my teeth as an editor. There was a time when music video used to be nearly 100% of my business. I"ve always loved music and music videos are always a pleasure for me to edit.

      Iíve probably edited about 400 music video clips (it wouldnít surprise me if it was more), and that doesnít even count the favors I have done for so many in the past.

Richard  Butler
      I enjoy working with video directors because they are considered to be creatively a little outside of the norm. That would be me too. Radical camera moves and experimental film techniques are right up my alley. I greatly appreciate interesting and strong cinematography, set building , pyrotechnics , lighting techniques,and everything else that comes along with a music video production.
     As an editor, I look forward to adding to all of that.
Aimee  Mann
     I do enjoy things that are at the forefront of technology.

     I like pushing myself and an editing system to itís limits. In music video, itís what Iíve always done. Whatever is needed- I do my best to make it happen. If itís the impossible, Iíll do my best to figure it out.

     But what I delight in even more is to take the directorís vision beyond what they imagined. When that happens, I feel I have done a great job. Thatís usually the day before the record company shows up with their list of editing changes, but thatís a whole other story.......

    I have developed quite a few cool editing techniques cutting music videos over the years. Many of them I have carried over to more mainstream projects such as Advertisements, Fashion, and especially
Extreme Sports.

Pat Metheny

   I am a bit disappointed that the music video industry is now no longer as ubiquitous as it once was. Nowadays unless the song is a mega hit, record companies no longer put a high priority on music videos. The reason? MTV doesnít really play a wide variety of music videos anymore. Sure they play a few- the top 20, but their emphasis is on their own programming - news, game shows, etc...  MTV isnít really about music video anymore, itís more about MTV itself. Well...MTV was called Music Television for a reason, right?
Tony  Bennett

   Times change I guess. They will change again..........Emerging technologies will certainly make that happen, and it will happen fast.

   For the time being, music video production is now no longer as widespread as it used to be. It is unfortunate for myself and a lot of other music video editors and directors, because we really enjoy creating them. But I am convinced that will change...........

MC 900 Foot Jesus

Brian Bothwell Video Works Main

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