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       SoundTracks and Music

I enjoy composing soundtracks for video and film productions. Creating music and sound offers a nice diversion from the video world. I don’t do soundtracks all the time because video work keeps me busy enough. But occasionally I do get asked to do one, and when I have the time, I find the experience to be quite fun. 
I recently did a soundtrack for a science fiction CD Rom called "The Paranormal Files", and it really came out pretty cool. A bit on the etheral and spooky side.

I’ve also done some trippy music for small sections of “The Dogs of Winter” extreme sports films, which came out great.

And music for a few TV commercials.

"Give a Kid a Job"
I have fun creating soundtracks for fashion videos- trendy ambient drum and bass stuff mostly. I really would like to score a soundtrack for a science fiction or horror movie some day. I’m a big fan of Mark Snow who does the soundtrack music for “The X Files” and “Millennium” television shows. 

I also admire the work of Angelo Baldalamenti who created the music for a number of David Lynch’s films and his hit TV series “Twin Peaks”.

I've always experimented with electronic music- still do. 
I started by composing soundtracks to various films I would rent when I was in college at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. 

I began collecting an odd assortment of synthesizers and drum machines and with a friend, started an Electronic Industrial band- called Manufacture, which later went on to record two albums, and quite a few 12" singles for Nettwerk Productions in Vancouver Canada.

Sarah McLachlan (of Lillith Festival fame) also sang on our first 
album- on a track called "As the End Draws Near".  I'm proud to 
say I wrote that song, because we get royalty checks for it to this day.

The song recently was re-released onto one of Sarah's own albums and also used in the soundtrack of a movie called "Free Enterprise" .

Manufacture did some very futuristic things (for it’s time) with electronic music and video projection. 
I directed all of the band’s videos.
If you would like to learn more about Manufacture, feel free to drop by  a web site that a fan made. 
There's a lot more additional information there. 

Manufacture Website

Brian Bothwell Video Works Main


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