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My Editing Philosphy:

As an editor, I  work with people more than for people.

There is a difference between the two.

When I work with  people I am a fiercely loyal and creative person. I have been told by directors and clients in the past that ďI really know how to bleed for a projectĒ, meaning that my level of commitment to the production is unsurpassed.

When I work  with  people I enjoy making their vision become a reality, workimg very hard to make that vision even better than they imagined it to be.
I  enjoy working  with  people who know what they want.
If they donít- thatís OK too, I enjoy working with  them to help them get their project there.

I do my finest work when I am inspired in an atmosphere of creative, supportive, positive people around me. Everyone does.

I  respect peopleís opinions and I expect them to appreciate and respect my commitment and creativity.

It really comes down to chemistry- I look for syncronicity - it's about people working together to create great productions as a team.

I do ask that people respect the fact that I am not a robot. An editor is a creative partner, not a high tech cab driver.

After working for many years in the biz, I'm entitled to draw a line in the sand.  ;-)
I have seen a lot of things go down in editing rooms.......nothing shocks me.
Iím just not up for playing games.

Often, editing can be very tedious, challenging and tough work. But that doesnít mean that it canít  be enjoyable too. It can be a very fun, exciting process for both the client and the editor.

I like to think that I bring that excitement to an editing session !

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